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Citizens Financial has been one of the top loan companies in Monroe, LA for 30+ years. We help neighbors get the personal loans they need for home projects, car loans and repairs, appliances, and unexpected expenses to name a few. Planned or unplanned – whatever the reason or season, we’re here to help. Talk to us today – we’ll treat you like family!

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How we evaluate loan approvals

At Citizens Financial Services, our loan approval process is based on you and your personal history of finances and employment. We consider other personal factors that a much larger chain or bank would never consider.  We are one of the most flexible loan companies in the Monroe and West Monroe area!

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Debt-to-income ratio

This is the amount of monthly debt obligations you have, including credit card payments, auto loans, and other monthly obligations, divided by your monthly gross income.

Payment history

We like to see how you have handled paying back your debts to others. This is a good predictor of how you’re going to pay back the loan from us.

Job history

Do you typically stay in one job for a year or more? Having a steady income helps your chances of securing the cash you need. Stability is an important factor we consider.

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Tell me what I need to apply for a loan?

Ok. You’re ready to apply for a loan with Citizens Financial Services. You’re excited and we are, too! You only need a couple of things with you to complete your application here on our website. You’ll also need to bring these items with you when you come to our office to sign the official paperwork and pick up your check. As you can see below, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Proof of income

This is an easy one. Grab your last two (2) most recent pay stubs from your work, if you are paid every two weeks. This will show us where you work and how much you make in a 30-day period.


Current form of ID

This should be easy too. The most basic form of ID that we need is your current driver’s license. It should be current and not suspended or out of date. Come on now, we’re trying to get your cash!


Copies of utility bills

These are easy as well. Bring us your last month’s paid utility bills. These can be from the electric company, gas company or water company. A recent mortgage payment will also work.

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We have cash for any type of loan you need

Personal loans are just that…personal. We loan cash to people who need loans for everything in their life from unexpected expenses to planned purchases and everything in between. Because we live in Sportsman’s Paradise here in beautiful Monroe, LA, many of our customers use the loans for the Great Outdoors – four wheelers, boats, campers and recreational vehicles.

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Medical Bills
The Great Outdoors
Unexpected Expenses
Seasonal Expenses
Major Purchases
Moving Costs
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