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Everyone’s money needs are different. Don’t think that your need might be strange! Family funerals, vet bills, tires, dental work, and every other request is just business as usual for us. Apply now and we’ll work hard to get the cash that you need!

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Hunting, fishing and ATV’s? Yes. A new outdoor deck? Yes. A new hip for my dog? Yes. Consolidating my bills? Yep.¬†Buying a car? Yes. Anything you need or want, we can help you get the cash.

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Emergencies happen to neighbors all across Greater Monroe every day. And emergencies not always medical. They could be job related, home repair, auto failure or anything in between. We’re not a traditional bank so we can turn your loan applications around¬†quickly to get cash in your hands without red tape and layers of approvals. Reach out to us and apply for a loan. Then watch us go to work.

We’ve been here in your neighborhood for over 25 years. That’s two and a half decades. That’s 9,125+ days. It’s a long time. We’ve helped literally thousands of people over that time. And we’ve seen every type of personal loan that could be loaned! There’s a lot to be said for staying around for 25+ years. It shows commitment, friendship and support. We know this is a business, but we live in Monroe just like every other neighbor. You aren’t another number to us.

You know how it feels when somebody you trust helps you out of a problem or steers you into the clear? You’re right. It feels pretty darn good. And you don’t forget the people who help you when times turn hard or the lights go dark. Those are the times when you really need a trusting hand. Not to take care of everything, but to help you recover or rebuild. Somebody to be behind you so you can pay it forward to the next person when you’re back on your feet. We like the sound of that, too.

We’re not a payday loan company. We’re a real personal loan company. And there is a BIG difference.

Payday loans are short-term cash advance loans that are typically repaid in less than 30 days. And the interest rate is HUGE! Whatever you do, try to stay away from payday loans. Citizens Financial Services is a safe and convenient personal loan company. We offer longer repayment terms and flexible monthly payments.